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December 1, 2010

An inspired White Wednesday ....

I have buckets full of hundreds of white antique German doll heads patiently waiting and waiting .... waiting for what? Waiting for me to create something with them. Although I have been enjoying their simple beauty sitting in abundance in their galvanized buckets ... I have been itching to do something with these beauties.
Then I read this post here.

 Which led me to this blog here. And WOW talk about being inspired both creatively and spiritually ... Rebecca has sent me over the top ... and to the moon !!

I gathered my Christmas topiaries from the attic that were covered with colorful vintage balls {sorry no before pics, I was in way too much of a hurry to get started} stripped the trees .... wrapped them in burlap, cheese cloth, lace scraps, and a bit of wire for garland plus some seam binding ties. Keeping my colors neutral ...

I wrapped the base in a tattered linen and secured with muslin .... then a layer of moss for just a hint of greenery.
The final touch and crowning glory? A porcelain doll head of course!
 I love how they have turned out and I have two awfully creative bloggers to thank for their inspiration ...
Thank you TOT and Rebecca !! 
... Do you have any suggestions for the the other hundreds of dolly heads? I'm all ears .....
 Here's how my doll/tree/topiaries look paired on the fireplace mantel in the living room ... pretty sparse don't ya think? The Gypsy Prince keeps asking me, "when are we going to get ready for Christmas?" ... I think today will be a good day to start.

A blank canvas ... I'm inspired and ready to tackle it .... I'll let you know what I come up with.
In the meantime checkout
 Kathleen's Faded Charm for a bucket load of white inspiration.

April 11, 2010

Silver in the Springtime ....

A few weeks ago, on the first spring like day, I pulled out some silverware, china, linens, and a few vintage props. I set forth to 'play' in the beautiful warm sunny weather ... and had so much fun doing my own little photo session. You can read my original post here ... but for Silver Sunday I'm going to let you sift thru the photographs in peace ... enjoy!
Happy Silver Sunday all ... enjoy your day ... and to fill your day with more joy, stop by Beth's blog to get a glimpse of what everyone else has to share today !!

If you have a second ... stop by the 'Gypsy Barn' to see what Beth and I have been up to this past week ...

March 13, 2010

Silver Sunday and Mosaic Monday silver brushes at the flea ...

Silver brushes waiting for a new owner to make them theirs and take them home ... sitting on an old flea market bench ... also weathered to the perfect shade of silvery gray.
Mosaic Monday

Head on over to our hostess Beth's blog, Gypsy Fish Journal, for all of the Silver Sunday fun and maybe even a magical fairy or two ...

Make sure you visit 'Little Red House' to see all of the wonderful mosaics out there ... very creative and inspirational!

Hope everyone is having a shining weekend !!

March 10, 2010

White Wednesday ... simple whites

A few shots from around the house and studio today of some of my favorite whites ...

White button collection ... chippy white Italian tole sconce...old white jointed rulers...and endless strands of forgotten pearls.

Thanks for stopping by for a quick visit ...don't miss our hostess Kathleen's post today at Faded Charm ... she has some great white architectural finds this week.

February 21, 2010

A morning spent at the auction ... and I'm in trouble, again

Going to auction on a quiet Sunday morning, sun is shining and The Man agreed to join me ... sounds like the makings for a perfect day, right? I'm in desperate need of replenishing my costume jewelry stash to continue making the Prairie Gypsy belt buckles ... I had my budget to stick to and well, to be honest since he was going to be with me, there was going to be no way of fibbing about how much I actually spent ... darn it.
So ... I did real good and passed up on a lot of goodies ... I was eyeing up those satin chairs and the rusty trike, but as I was editing pictures for the post I noticed the carvings on the wood chair in front of them ... very cool heads with flowing hair carved right up on top.
If only I had a special spot to put this "thingy" above, it would have definitely come home with me .. does anyone know what this is? ... you can barely see each shelf is numbered and it had some funky industrial type of wheels on it.
Chandeliers covered the ceilings and box lots overflowed off the tables ... Believe me when I say this is just the tip of the iceberg ... this auction is loaded floor to ceiling with gorgeous antiques and unusual one of a kind items.

Like a stuffed bear head ... there was also a matching rug for in front of the fireplace.

I even stumbled upon some friends I hadn't seen since a party at my house on the 4th of July ... Hmmm ... is that what they mean by "fair weathered friends?" ... just kiddin' guys ... it was great running into you ... see you next July 4th!!
Here's where the trouble begins ... can you see it in my eyes? I can't be blamed ... Like I said, I only came looking for jewelry and when I realized I didn't feel like waiting around another 2 hours for one small box of rhinestones, I went to check out and surrender my bidding number ... I spent a whopping total of $12.92 on a medicine cabinet. The man appears behind me and says hey what are you doing, they are getting close to those two pieces we could use for the kitchen. {We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel at home ~ more on that later} ... the cashier asks me if she should "reopen" my ticket and HE said "Yes". back to the auction floor ...

Why am I always the one to get the blame? I asked him three times "how much do you want to pay? Where do you want me to stop" ... here's his response "I don't know ... what would you pay for them?" ... me, "They will probably sell for $100 to $200 each" ... him, no reply ... and the bidding starts ... if you have ever been to an auction you know the bidding goes like lightening speed fast ... I had to jump in and I did ... Needless to say the price went far past my estimate ... but they became ours and they will be perfect for the new kitchen!!

Oh, but wait finally he says something ... "What the *#@! did you do? Why did you keep going? ... you said they would only be $100 each!" ... on and on and on ... can you see where I'm going with this? I told you ... I WAS ALL READY TO LEAVE THE PREMISES!!
I know I'm laughing and this picture is obviously staged, but I kid you not when I say he was actually squeezing pretty darn tight at one point. Do you see the resemblance in The Man's face to that gruff bear's head a few pics back?

Now, to figure out how we he was going to pay for and transport these babies home.


Yup ... this is how we drove 25 miles home up 295 ... the tailgate down and one piece tied to the roof with clothes line.
"The Gypsy Wagon" always gets the job done ... and well as far as being done ... I'll let you know what we finish first ... our kitchen or our marriage.

p.s. In case you were wondering ... no, I didn't come home with any jewels ... but there are two more auctions to go to tomorrow morning ... and no, he'll be left at home.

February 20, 2010

Desperate times ... and selfish behavior at the Flea

Cabin fever finally got the best of me ... I had to get out to dig thru some junk, and when Beth called to say "Hey, you want to go to the Flea on Thursday?" ... well, let's just say she didn't have to twist my armAfter a few days of much anticipation, it was a bit of a disappointment to roll into the parking lot only to be greeted by this scene.

However, from our standpoint we couldn't see all the treasures waiting for us way beyond the snow covered benches. It turned out to be one of the best, if not THE best day of pickin' ... tons of finds and for the most part prices were in our favor!!
Nice parking job, Beth ... she was already scoping out the market, she wasn't paying much attention to what she opened her door and stepped into ... heee-heee-hee ... so happy I had the camera ready : )


I just had to try on these super cool bug-eye glasses .... so funny, we were laughing so hard the tears were running down our legs .... I was making fun of Beth and her glasses, but after we walked away I was afraid the poor man at the booth thought we were making fun of his glasses ... I swear we weren't, now that would just be plain 'ol mean!

I don't think he really cared ... we bought quite a bit from the gent ... and we didn't have to ask twice for him to pose for the camera ... love a guy with a sense of humor.


Okay, this is the find that almost destroyed the junkin' buddy friendship ... can you believe your eyes? We couldn't .... an antique album full of photos with a Gypsy on the cover ... we both touched it at the same time {Beth insisted she touched it first, but like you already know, her eyes were screwed up} ... I GRABBED it and she cried ... a verbal fight ensued ... and well, you can see who came home with the album. Yes, I feel bad and I DID try to make it up to her later by letting her have the pick of the litter from that time forward {I think} ... I'm not a mean person ... just call me selfish ... and blame it on my parents for only having one child ... me. me. me.

I did learn a lesson ... my best junkin' buddy, Beth, went out to the flea market again this morning ... and guess what ... I didn't get invited to come with her ... gee, I wonder why? I'll try to be better behaved next time ... promise.

Here are a few more of my finds ... some cool old books ... and some really super medal/charms ... I need to research these, the vendor claimed they were from a Cambodian temple and blessed by the monks ... will make for some great new spiritual jewelry.

Beth posted today about our trip as well ... she is so much more gracious than I am ... check out her post here to get her side of the story. In all honesty we really had a wonderful morning digging for treasures together ... doesn't get any better than that!

February 17, 2010

White Wednesday and my knobs ...

The brocante household is knee deep in not only snow these days, but also home renovations. Upon further inspection of every nook and cranny of this old gal I noticed my knobs do not match ... they are different, uneven and not even close to being similar ... here are some snapshots, take a look for yourself ...
Porcelain, metal, silver, and ceramic ...
Painted, chipped, and brassy ....
Mis-matched, well worn, used, and naturally aged ...
Crystal, shiny and round ... dark and irregularly shaped knockers.

Small and button sized .... round and tattooed.
These knobs have been well handled, pawed and latched onto over many years ... they have served their God given purpose ... each one the original set ... I've often contemplated buying sets of new, pretty perky knobs for this older gal ...  but, always opted not to ... wouldn't that change her character? After all, isn't it all the imperfections that make her unique?
So, there you have it ... my knobs don't match ... I'm proud of it and keeping it that way ... what about you ... do your knobs match?

If your asking what this all has to do with  "White Wednesday" ...  take a second look at all of the knobs  ...  either the knob itself is white or attached to white ; )  ... happy white Wednesday!

February 14, 2010

Silver Sweethearts ...

 Silver Sweethearts ... some of my favorite portraits of couples from years past ... I wonder how they shared their Valentine's days ... did they have the chance to be romantic? ... everyone always appears so serious .... I like the couple in the lower left that are posed side by side, they look like 'equals', don't they? ... posed like that ...

All tucked into a silver photo display ....


A necklace created from an antique rhinestone heart button ... a bit tattered, but not broken.


A pair of earrings created from vintage hearts wrapped in silver containing a mustard seed ... 

"If Ye have faith as a grain of a mustard seed ... nothing shall be impossible unto you." Matthew 17:20




I'm linking to two parties today ... please follow the buttons below for more romantic Valentine's Day fun ...




Wishing everyone a happy and romantic Valentine's Day ... Enjoy !!