September 2, 2011

Porch of the Month .... September

Welcome to Porch of the Month ... I believe September is a real treat of a porch ... not only is it a feast for the eyes but, also a feast for your soul ... and could only be created by one very special artist, Kecia of Lemoncholy's Flight of Fancy

Before you dig into Kecia's enchanting porch and garden space you need to know a little bit about the creator behind the scenes.

"Creating is my key to another time. It unlocks the gate to my secret garden; my refuge. It takes me to another era where things were simpler and I find the process soothing to my soul. Lemoncholy’s Studio began with my fondness for vintage items. Searching flea markets, I find items long forgotten, sometimes damaged, but still purposeful. They just need some love and attention. I want these found objects to tell a new story, have meaning and to be inspiring. I have a vision for them to begin again. Intuitively I combine elements in an enchanting way to provoke a narrative response that alludes to something we seek without knowing it. Often, it is a reminder of our childhood. My jewelry is about craftsmanship and virtue but not perfection. By removing perfectionism, I free my imagination to play and ultimately, this freedom results in whimsical pieces of grace and beauty."
{all photos courtesy of homeowner}

Okay Kecia ... give us the tour .... we're chomping at the bit!

"Hi my name is Kecia Deveney and I live in Wall Township, New Jersey. I have lived here for 15 years. I am originally from California, but for the time being will
continue to reside on the East coast.
... This is my first home and being that I didn’t really know anyone when I moved here, I dedicated a lot of my free time to turning my house into a home. It is decorated with flea market finds, thrift store cast offs, curbside finds and more. My unique decorating style isn’t just confined to the inside though. I’ve given my special touch to the outside as well. My influenced is definitely from California and that shabby, weathered look. My style is more eclectic in merging elements that blend comfortably together without a “matchy matchy” look. ...

 ... Outside I have created little nooks with seating arrangements where you can go and quietly read a book or entertain some friends. As you sit there, you will be surrounded by a few of the many vintage or handmade birdhouses sitting on old columns, that I have all over the yard. There is a “girls only” gypsy cabana that is a great place to sit and have coffee or maybe an cocktail, later in the day; all the while, having a great view of the plentiful wildlife that my atmosphere lures in. ...

... I often hold events with artsy workshops or entertain friends at a BBQ and we all congregate to the back yard. About 5 years ago, we bought a camper and parked it in the back yard. It is a little getaway spot and it too has been decorated in an artsy style. It makes a perfect guest house, but I’ve been known to “clock out” and spend the night in there with glass of wine and a great book. ...

... All in all my home has spilled to the outdoors as well. My son, 18, loves to have his friends over and they usually spend most of their time out back. Often they play musical chairs as I’ll find them in one spot and then later they are lounging in yet another. It is very comfortable and inviting and I love that this environment that I have created, has been referred to as “fairyland”."

Kecia is a mixed media/jewelry artist/instructor that teaches through out the country ... if you have a chance to take one of her classes, just DO IT!! I learned how to solder with Kecia and I can attest to what a wonderful teacher she is! You can find an entire list of her upcoming classes over at her blog here.
You can find her artwork online here.
Below is a little teaser of Kecia's beautiful jewelry ...

Pretty wonderful, wouldn't you agree? Stop by and introduce yourself to Kecia ... she'd love for you to visit!!



  1. Oh my goodness so very beautiful!! I would LOVE to have a gorgeous backyard like that ~

  2. thank you for sharing a little bit of my home with your readers. It is one of those enchanting places that when stumbled upon, people have a hard time saying goodbye.


  3. how fab is this beautiful and talented lady. wow.

  4. OMG! How dreamy and beautiful! I could spend all day out there!

  5. so great to see it when it's not covered in snow. Not that the snow was know I loved it Kecia! It's just gorgeous!!

  6. i have been at Kecia's and its even MORE beautful and amazing then the photos show! she definately has a way of doing things!

  7. stopped by via FB & had to leave you a message. Beautiful garden & all the your style too Jill. xo Laura

  8. What amazing images of such a wonderland. There is creativity, beauty, nature, and design flowing from every inch of this place!

  9. looks like a magical place!



  10. What a wonderful and cosy place she has created for herself and her family!! A real fairytale land!

  11. I would love to have a gorgeous backyard like that , it's realy realy realy beautiful.....

    gustaviana xx


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