July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create ... on the move, again

This year marks the third episode of Karen's, My Desert Cottage, "Where Blogger's Create" party and the third different space I'll be showing you ... keeping true to my gypsy lifestyle, I've packed the traveling gypsy wagon and moved to yet another area of the house.

 This time I'm in my daughter's bedroom ... for a few good reasons ... The attic space {last year's "submission"} ... was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter ... that entire space needs to be remodeled to reach it's full potential {add it to the to-do list!}... 

Anyway, since the Gypsy Princess has flown the nest and is making her way out into the "real" world, she left behind some empty space, what's a Mom to do? Turn it into her sewing room of course.
  I haven't completely overtaken the entire room ... only half so far.
 I was a little extremely sad changing this room around ... I cried the entire day we packed up her teenage things she had outgrown ... those boxes are now occupying the attic space.
 Teddy bears and prom pictures have been replaced with my simple Singer sewing machine.
There is a nice view of the park across the street form where I sit and sew.
 Her fancy "big girl" chandelier helps me see my way .... around the work table.
 A little creamer that was once belong to my great grandmother ... once held her jewelry ... now holds my smallest scissors.
 I've been spending huge amounts of time in her/my space ... reflecting and creating.
She's not even upset I've "taken over"... she's excited to be starting her own new journey .... and I'm happy she said she would come home and help me sew ... "sometime".
Anytime would be fine with me ... anytime.
 I hope you've enjoyed taking a small peek into my sewing nook ... I'm anxious to see what all of my fellow bloggers are sharing this year ... I'll be hopping around through out the weekend checking it all out ... and THANK YOU to Karen for creating and hosting a fabulous and inspirational party every year!


July 12, 2011

Texture Tuesday and a winner! ....

Hope everyone had a good weekend ... I spent the entire day, Saturday, creating a new gypsy bag ... and spent this morning playing with Kim's newest texture for Texture Tuesday while drinking my coffee. Here are my two "creations" combined.

Today's TT challenge was "Pretty in Pink".
I used the Auroro script overlay, plus some pink around the edges .. all done using Picnik.

  This bag is HUGE ... a true "weekender" or "overnighter" ... in fact, it's so big and comfy you could probably curl up and sleep inside of it!

 The back is a gorgeous pink antique Italian velvet tapestry ... okay, just gotta ask your opinion, my family and I are having a debate ... the "lady" above are her ta-tas totally covered or is she having a little "wardrobe malfunction"?

On another note ...
 I pulled a winner yesterday for the book giveaway ... she is:
Katie Lori {duh!}from Katie's Rose Cottage Design
Congratulations Katie Lori! Drop me an e-mail with your mailing address and I'll get your new read right out to ya!

Back to the sewing room ... it's air conditioned ... today it is supposed to hit 100 degrees, plus high humidity outside...YUCK!

Keep cool,

July 10, 2011

Silver Sunday ...

I'm not 100% sure exactly what this is that I'm sharing today for Silver Sunday ... my best guess is it's a butter or cheese dish.
The lid has the sweetest dairy cow on it ... and the detail is wonderful.
I'm not even sure what it is made of ... there are no markings on it ... it's pretty heavy for it's size ... not very shiny ... and the metal seems soft ... pewter, maybe? What's your guess?
 I love the way the lid is not a perfect circle, but fits perfectly on it's base ... the little strainer part is removable.
Can you tell me any more about my little $5 flea market find?  
I'm all ears.

I'm linking up today at Beth's monthly Silver Sunday party here.

Happy Sunday to you,

July 8, 2011

True Story ...

Okay blog peeps, listen to this ... TRUE STORY ... this is the kind of stuff that freaks me out a bit ... you know like "throw it out to the universe and you'll get it ... positive thinking ... just put it out there..." you know what I'm talking about. Do you believe in this philosophy? I'm thinkin' I do. I'm not going into deep personal "stuff" here ... just the fun flea market "stuff" ... the kind of thing I like to talk about here on my blog ...

My first experience with putting a dream out to the universe was my desire to go to Texas and see all the big antique shows plus meet some of the bloggers I had just recently "met" on line. What do you know .. within weeks I got an invite to go to Texas, plus an invitation to sell my "stuff" there. True story.

I like to read.
A lot.
I'm on a first name basis with all of the librarians at our town library.
I had been asking them to do searches for me ... like ..."...uhmmm do you have anything about flea markets, junking, garage sales ... like in fiction that has a nice story with it ... maybe a love interest ... a mystery tied in ... girl fixes trash to treasure and meets the man of her dreams type of easy reading book?"
Have you ever tried to find a book about flea markets {NOT including a price guide type of thingy}in general to read?
Neither could I .... well I must have really been thinking hard about it and sending some mighty powerful brain waves out  into the universe, because then a week later, I kid you not, honest to God truth, I got an e-mail from someone I didn't know asking me if I would like to read this book and review it:

I know ... that freaks me out!! It was dead on! Kinda.

I dove head first into my new book when it arrived ... I was already a chapter or two into it when I realized I wasn't reading a fiction novel ... this was TRUE stuff here. A true story. The main character, Curt Avery is a real guy ... who sells real stuff at real shows practically in my own backyard. He's a smart guy when it comes to his "stuff" ... and here's what else I learned the author was pretty smart too ... before I even knew it I was learning bunches of stuff! Yeah, she, Maureen Stanton, pulled a tricky one, while sharing her flea market adventures with Curt and learning all he has to share about the tricks of the trade I was being sucked into the flea market and antique subculture...I'm expecting a summer beach read and what? I'm getting an education in antiques {serious antiques} AND liking it?! Yes, I am ... I liked the book and I learned tons.

There's nothing stuffy or stodgy here. If I told you that some chapters of the book go into great length about the value of comic books, six board blanket chest, or pottery ... I know, you'd think "boring" ... well you can think again ... because no matter what the subject matter is, this book is entertaining and filled with things that will make you laugh out loud ... things us girls can seriously relate to. Like Mr. Avery sneaking things into his house and hiding them from his wife!! 

I even learned a trick or two to search and find things on e-bay ... and it has already paid off for me! Sorry, not telling you ... you'll have to read the book!!

I enjoyed spending part of my summer following these two, Maureen and Curt, to various shows and seeing behind the scene peeks of what actually making a living at the flea would be like. Who knows maybe one day I'll run into one or both of them in the future, like at Brimfield ... ya never know ... I'm just throwing it out to the universe. 

Brimfield, Brimfield ....

If you would like to read some more reviews on Killer Stuff and Tons of Money, you can find all of the links here.

And if you would like to read the book ... I'd like to pass along my copy to one of you! Maybe some of you have been wishing for a good flea market read? All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me what book you are enjoying this summer. I'll pick a random winner from the comments on Monday evening.

Happy weekend reading everyone,

July 1, 2011

Porch of the Month ... July

For this month's porch feature we are headed to the desert ... yes to the desert in the middle of July! We'll be visiting with Karen Valentine from "My Desert Cottage"  {home of "Where Bloggers Create" blog party} ... if I hadn't told you we were in the middle of the desert, you would have thought a lush green oasis or a mirage or something ... Karen has created an outdoor paradise off her patio that is really tranquil and lovely ... I'll let her take it from here ...
"Even though I was born and raised in the desert, I have always loved the lushness and greenery that comes from living somewhere where it rains more than 8 inches per year.
Maybe it’s because I’m an Aquarius(the water bearer) or maybe I just always want what I can’t have!! LOL!!...

{all photos courtesy of home owner}
...My back yard porch and patio area is my sanctuary and because we do live in the desert, we are able to use our outdoor spaces almost all year round. Many summer nights have been spent sitting out on the flagstone patio with my sweetie, sipping on a cool drink, listening to music and just talking....
  ...In the cooler months, the mosaic table top that I made is replaced with a fire pit and with our friends, we all sit around the fire and drink Bailey’s and coffee. Those nights outside are my favorite way to spend an evening....

...My love of collecting old things applies to garden antiques as well. I pick up old watering cans wherever I find them (if they are the right price) and nestle them among clusters of potted plants or hang them from trees or shepherds hooks....

 ...One of my favorite finds was an old wheelbarrow that I now use as a planter. Basically, If it’s old, rusty and crusty I like it!!! 

  ...Because we are both such DIYers  we’ve achieved the look with as little money as possible. We built the flagstone patio ourselves one summer. (Yes, I did say Summer... what were we thinking???) and similar to  inside my home,  all the furniture on both the porch and patio came from Garage Sales and then was refinished with either paint or stain. There is such a wonderfully satisfying feeling when I rescue a piece that has seen better days and turn it into a beautiful and functional addition to our home."

 Not only does Karen share her beautiful outdoor living space with her human family ... there are a few furbabies who enjoy it as well ... can't you just see the smiles on their faces? Meet Jasmine {above} and Rocky {below}
 Thank you for your most gracious tour Karen ... I'm looking forward to meeting you back in your studio on July 15th !!

Want to join the party and share your creative space ... it's not too late to sign up here.

Hope to see ALL of YOU there!

Oh! ... and if your blog needs a little sprucing up before the big event, Karen can help you out with that as well ... check out here design shop here.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend enjoying family, friends, and your outdoor space!